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Jul. 13th, 2009



Exhibition Fight 01 - Foto's

Well, here are some more developed foto from the first bout
I've already begun working on the next fight... Aran is so hard to capture with a camera. Schnellerman.

Okay, das ist from the Exhibition Fight. Please enjoy.
((OOC: Eight new pages!))
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Exhibition Fight 01 Foto Posts: 01~02, 03~06, 07~14, 15~22, 23~30?

Jul. 12th, 2009

pop'n music 11 - Yima


[Adoption] Bald Bull and Heike accounts

ludwiggykoopa is going to drop, so the Bald Bull account turk_jerk is up for adoption. If anyone is interested in grabbing it, hit me up on AIM or LJ and I'll direct message you the password. We now have a new Bald Bull by ascii_smiley!

sarahsuke has also expressed interest in giving her Heike
account onnarashisa up. Same deal as above, contact me for the password if you're interested.

Quick aside: this is breaking my heart, guys. If you're having difficulties with the RP or your character, please, please, please bring it up to me (through email, AIM, whatever) and see if we can't work something out first. I love this RP and everyone in it, people. We haven't had a bad player yet.
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Jul. 11th, 2009

pop'n music 11 - Yima


[EVENT] WVBA Summer Holiday Cookout! (CLOSED!)

Just a quick reminder that the WVBA cookout is tomorrow at noon EST! Setting it up early so we don't forget.

The format this time around is going to be similar to the Minor Circuit outing--there will be separate comment threads for Tables 1, 2 and 3 so we can kinda try to keep it organized.

When you show up, please post what you food you're bringing! I'll edit this entry with a list of dishes.

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Jul. 6th, 2009

pop'n music 11 - Yima


[Mod post] Quick update, new rules

Added a couple rules to the profiles of both this comm and wvba_oot, so please make sure to check 'em out. Mostly it's a preemptive rule about slash, which we haven't had any problems with yet.

[edit: also I clarified the cast/signup post to specify that we don't allow original characters. Or Mario. Or Donkey Kong.]

Jul. 5th, 2009



Exhibition Fight 01 - Foto's

Hallo again meine freunden.
Yet more conditioned fotos of the Exhibition Fight. Please enjoy.
((OOC: Yes, this is a MASSIVE page update!))
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Exhibition Fight 01 Foto Posts: 01~02, 03~06, 07~14, 15~22, 23~30?

Jul. 3rd, 2009

[Flashdance] Oh what a feeling


[EVENT] Disco Dancing Time! (CLOSED!)

*sighs* These guys are taking forever! Do they know how hard it was for me to find a straight disco nightclub?! The nerve of those guys...!!

*sends a txt message to Little Mac, Glass Joe, Von Kaiser, and Heike Kagero*

"hey wher r u guyz? im at the club right now! D:"

*stomps foot impatiently* These guys better not set me up!!

Jun. 30th, 2009

pop'n music 11 - Yima


[EXHIBITION] Battle of the Bulges: Bear Hugger vs. King Hippo!


It's that time again, folks! King Hippo has declared war on the suspenders-clad lumberjack! This is a clash of the titans indeed, a match that'll be measured on the Richter scale for years to come!

This match is scheduled for Thursday, July 2nd, but I'm getting the post up a little early because I won't be here for the match itself. Same rules as last time: add fight moves as new comments.

hugginbears vs. regalpotamus
Ranking: Major Circuit #2 ♦ Minor Circuit Champion
Record: 17-12 (10 KO) ♦ 19-9 (19 KO)
Height: 6'3" ♦ ?'??"
Weight: 440 lbs. ♦ ??? lbs.
Age: 32 ♦ ???
From: Salmon Arm, BC, Canada ♦ Hippo Island, South Pacific

Oh, and by the way: there's no match more appropriate than this one to mention that the cookout date has been moved from Wednesday the 8th to Sunday the 12th. Still starting at noon EST. Still a potluck. Now you guys have a few extra days to cook up some awe-inspiring dishes full of national pride and/or poison.


Look what I found!

I found these while rummaging through my scrapbooks photo albums the other day...my collection from Little Mac's famous fights against Piston Hondo and Super Macho Man! Does anyone else remember these?

((OOC: These are the two Nintendo Comics System Punch-Out!! comics that, to my knowledge, haven't been scanned before. The First Fight is also part of these and you can see that here. Yes, I bought a copy of Best of NCS just for this. Yes, they're terrible. Feel free to nab these for icons if you want to.))

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Fox and HoundsCollapse )


Exhibition Fight 01 - Foto's

Here are some more conditioned foto's from the Exhibition Fight. I wish I were there - watching re-runs mit mein mutti on the Television is boring.

Oh yes.
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Exhibition Fight 01 Foto Posts: 01~02, 03~06, 07~14, 15~22, 23~30?

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