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chocobarman in wvba_lockerroom

Hippo Island Invasion [Closed]

((OOC: The mayhem starts at 12!  That's in 2 hours, Mac Baby! A post will appear for arrivals at the airport, and we'll go from there. Everyone will be split into 3 teams, one thread for each team. We'll coordinate over AIM as needed! Fight like a weasel!))


[Throne Room]

*Team Noisy and Team Sneaky arrive at the throne room at roughly the same time. Some through the main entrance, yet another from King Hippo's personal bathroom to the east. Team Sneaky apparently hasn't made it too far past the kitchens, not to the dungeons, or any sort of actual trap.*

*The Throne Room of King Hippo is a giant stonework chamber, opulently decorated with the finest wood and pearl ornaments. There are torches, tapestries, a massive and empty throne before a large table of food, and a small but organized troop of King Hippo's royal guards. Above the throne is a large stone balcony, which has a stone stairway leading to the top on either side.*

*A voice booms from the balcony above the throne*

"So! You dare to fight me in my own domain. Breaking into my palace, attacking my guards, setting fires, and doing gods know what to my kitchens. I'm going to punch each of you until you fall, and then stand you up again just so I can punch you in the face some more. I'll send you back to Doc Louis wrapped in bows and bruises, and then I'm coming after him."

(Translator's Note: Actually, the translator is missing. Perhaps in the dungeons? It seems King Hippo has no need of him anymore... he spoke the previous in perfect English.)

*King Hippo snarls, wearing a cape, larger than normal crown, and a mean disposition. He gestures menacingly toward the boxers, and his guards rush toward the them. King Hippo himself starts throwing barrels from his balcony, at the boxers!*

Re: [Throne Room]

*You can dodge 1 barrel!*

*Can you dodge 2 guards?*

Re: [Throne Room]

*Super Macho Man bursts into the room triumphantly, striking a pose before the upgraded King Hippo* Oh yeah! You're goin' down for the count, dude! This'll teach you to mess with AMERICA! *in a flash, he throws off his island hopping gear, clad only in his speedo and boots.*

Hmm...barrels, huh? What is this, some kinda game?! This isn't funny, dude--ooofff! *tries to shake his fist at Hippo and tumbles backwards as he gets hit by a barrel*

Re: [Throne Room]

*The guards take this opportunity to throw some punches at Macho. Hippo is distracted, throwing barrels at Bald Bull. The guards aren't, yet.*

Re: [Throne Room]

*Macho drags himself to his feet, and is smacked around a little bit by the guards. But if there's one thing he's good at, it's punchin' dudes, and Macho takes them out with a couple of Super Spinning Punches. It's not quite as flashy without the press there to take photos of it, but it's good enough.

Ha! You think a coupla lousy guards are gonna stop the Blue Crush, dude? *Macho dusts off his hands as the guards lie in a heap. Without Hippo throwing barrels at him, it's not too hard for him to get to the stairs and start climbing, two at a time.

Re: [Throne Room]

*Atop the stairs waits a very angry King Hippo, ready for Macho Man. He looks more dangerous and sturdier than usual.*

"Wait, who is the Blue Crush? Is that you? I've never heard you called that. It doesn't matter."

*The lets fly one of his trademarked Hippo Crush moves, minus the usual roaring! One way or another, it's going to be a short fight. Let's see how well Macho's been paying attention to Hippo's fights.*

Sic semper Hippo, dude!

Hey, a star's allowed to give himself as many nicknames as he w...whoa! *Macho only barely sees it coming and ducks down sloppily, then rockets up with his fist outstretched* Take this, dude!

Re: Sic semper Hippo, dude!

*Hippo is totally taken by surprise by the punch! Apparently, his new sneer is being interpreted by the world's physics as "open mouth". He's knocked back and down, flat on his ass.*

*He stands up.*

"Fool! That won't work on me now! I have been invigorated by forces you can't understand!" *He reaches into his pocket and takes a sip from a soda bottle. The soda bottle looks familiar. Apparently, the forces are very easy to understand, for Russian scientists at least. King Hippo scoffs and chucks a barrel toward Macho Man, after gingerly returning the bottle to his pocket.*

Re: [Throne Room]

Disguised Bull arrives in the throne room, muttering something about smudged-over maps. As he enters and takes view of King Hippo, he realizes that he probably doesn't need his cunning disguise any more - thus, he reaches up, plucks the toupee out from under his hat, and tosses it away. No sooner does he do this than he is hit by a stray barrel to the chest! He grunts loudly and his hat falls off as he takes the hit and catches the barrel, but despite being somewhat winded by the surprise hit, he is able to stay standing and put the barrel aside.

"Kah... it seems the fight has already started - and here I was hoping to keep the hat as a souvenir. ...Well, then!"

Bald Bull fetches out his boxing gloves, straps them on, laces them up, and immediately delivers a powerful hook to the next barrel that was about to hit him. He shouts at Hippo, lapsing into his own native language as he does so.


Re: [Throne Room]

"You? How did you even get here? No matter. I can't understand you! How do you expect anyone to understand what you're saying! It's all Gromp Gomp to me!"

*He throws another barrel. Apparently, he has a sizable barrel collection up there. A better distraction or answer may be needed than charging.*

Re: [Throne Room]

(Gabby has finally woken up from his concussion.)
FALCON PUNCH... wait, where did the king and his infinite army of pineapple men go? (gets up and looks around) curses! it was all a dream! that stupid american didn't listen to me and let the gaurds take me by suprise! all so he could come in his stupid helicopter...
(he gulps down his medication, then strolls into the palace. with sercuity distracted by the madness in the throne room, Gabby can walk to the throne room in peace.) I should have guessed that it was a dream fron the moment I used a butterfinger... I would never touch the things with my bare hands...
(upon entering the throne room, Gabby stops to blink at the chaos. he notices Macho man in the corner, punching bad guys.) Oh, so NOW you distract the gaurds! Thanks for nothing, Macho moron!
(spots Hippo throwing barrels) Drat! I'm far to old to jump over barrels! that coward won't let anyone get to him!
(he spots the thrown barrels have come to a stop in the corner. he walks over to them. the gaurds don't see Gabby as much of a threat at the moment, so they leave him be... for now. he pulls at one of the barrels lids.) What are in these things, anyway?
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