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club nintendo

chocobarman in wvba_lockerroom

Hippo Island Invasion [Closed]

((OOC: The mayhem starts at 12!  That's in 2 hours, Mac Baby! A post will appear for arrivals at the airport, and we'll go from there. Everyone will be split into 3 teams, one thread for each team. We'll coordinate over AIM as needed! Fight like a weasel!))


Re: [Team Sneaky]

Now that the chefs have cleared out, Perfectly-Unidentifiable Bull takes the chance to crouch as much as he can and start sidling along the wall to the east. A chef a few rows over looks up with a 'huh?' at the sounds of scooting, but Bull is hidden behind a counter. ...Because of his height, however, his hat is still visible, but the chef dismisses it as an ingredient - apparently, in his madness, King Hippo demanded that the chefs create a recipe for porkpie pork pie. Once the chef's attention is diverted again, Bull continues on his way towards the back-east end of the room.

"I hope Doc knows what he is doing and is not directing us to the chocolate vaults instead."

Re: [Team Sneaky]

*He heard that. The radio chirps.* "Hey Bald Bull, there ain't no chocolate vaults. I checked." *Map rustling noises.* "Okay, it looks like things are coming to a head. I lost radio contact with Aran Ryan a while ago, and it looks like someone's made a hell of a distraction."

"Through that door, there's gonna be a corridor leading upward toward the main dining hall, next to the throne room. The dungeon entrance is off to a side up ahead as well. You can tell which one it is by the people yelling for help. Dang island doesn't have good fire emergency codes! You'll want to be careful though, there's a trap in there. You're going to see a whole lot of leaves and bark and stuff on the ground..."
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August 2009

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