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club nintendo

chocobarman in wvba_lockerroom

Hippo Island Invasion [Closed]

((OOC: The mayhem starts at 12!  That's in 2 hours, Mac Baby! A post will appear for arrivals at the airport, and we'll go from there. Everyone will be split into 3 teams, one thread for each team. We'll coordinate over AIM as needed! Fight like a weasel!))


Re: [Team Sneaky]

"I do hate teh do stuff like 'is..."

(Taking pains to find big enough tables and counters to duck behind, dodging the sights of any remaining chefs, Hugger begins inspecting the various kitchen appliances and such. Any oven or microwave with food still inside it he encountered was soon cranked up as high as it would go, in an attempt to sabotage the dinners inside.)

"Hope yeh like yer food extra-crispy-style, Yer Highness...ahuhurr."

(When stumbling upon foods left out already to cool or sit, or that had just been abandoned, Hugger smiled and began taking samples for himself, eagerly taking bits and cuts out of anything he could find. Delicious sabotage!)

"Mm...ahh, mmm yes...this is delicious, now, mmommf gromf...Hippo 'ere eats like a king, he does. Guess'at makes sense...omnomf mmm..."

Re: [Team Sneaky]

*Ordinarilly, this would be enough to raise some serious alarms and get the guards notified. However, it looks like the food alarm has a lower priority than the fire alarm. Days later, King Hippo will come down to inspect the kitchens, find all this half-eaten food, and have a serious "Who has done this?!?!?!" moment. Your instincts say not to fess up. Doc begins giving more detailed directions, as seen below.*
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