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chocobarman in wvba_lockerroom

Hippo Island Invasion [Closed]

((OOC: The mayhem starts at 12!  That's in 2 hours, Mac Baby! A post will appear for arrivals at the airport, and we'll go from there. Everyone will be split into 3 teams, one thread for each team. We'll coordinate over AIM as needed! Fight like a weasel!))


[Destination: House of Hippo]

*The van engines rumble to life, and begin driving through the twisty and turny roads of Hippo Island. The vans don't have windows (because you all look like a suspicious clandestine foreign agent group) but outside the noises of marching and dreariness can be heard. The vans will drive to-and-from the House of Hippo to pick up other boxers who arrive.*

*The bag continues to rant.* Hey Mac Baby, this ain't funny. Where are you? *An islander in the passenger seat at the front unzips the equipment bag. It's full of communicators, chocolate bars, crudle drawn maps, bags of breadcrumbs, towels, and other assorted knickknacks. He grabs one of the headsets and plugs it into the speaker system.* "You're live, Louis."

"Good. You'll be at the House of Hippo in a few moments. There's a small valley near the back where we've hidden a couple vans for planning purposes. Grab some gear and get ready."

"I've divided up the initial teams. Bull, Hugger, and Hondo will be the first on team Sneaky. Your mission is to break into the place covertly, try not to get caught, and see if you can knock out their security systems and free prisoners. Whenever Hippo goes crazy, he takes prisoners."

"Jay, Macho, and anyone else feeling loud get duty on team Noisy. Your job is too distr- dismantle King Hippo's army, one guy at a time. Go nuts."

"I'll add more people as needed to the other teams, including Team C. We'll arrive soon, so get some rest."

Re: [Destination: House of Hippo]

"Hmmm. If we have to break in, then we will need to know how this house is set up."

Bull retrieves one of the maps, and reads it - and he immediately notices some rather smudged, written directions on the layout that seem to be obscuring vital parts of the map.

"This is no good... much of this map is written over or just covered in..."

Bull pauses. A familiar, sweet smell is wafting from the 'ink' used to write the instructions. He almost immediately recognizes it, and growls.

"Is this written in chocolate?!"

Bull puts a palm to his forehead in frustration, pushing up the toupee and hat a bit, as he passes the map off. After a few moments to collect himself, he tries to read another one.

Re: [Destination: House of Hippo]

Hondo, taking a map and headset with him. Seeing as Bald Bull was the highest ranked of the three of them, Hondo considered him the leader of this team. He was rather surprised Hugger was on their team as well, considering how noisy he was in boxing. But then again, Bald Bull seems a lot calmer than he is in the ring, so he will give Hugger the benefit of the doubt.

"Alright Bull-sama, I am ready. We'll need to prepare a proper plan soon. So may I sugge- Is that chocolate?"

Hondo raised a large brow at the chocolate-covered map was passed to his hands. He sighed and passed it to Bear Hugger.

Re: [Destination: House of Hippo]

*All the maps are written in chocolate, except for one written in Nougat.*

Re: [Destination: House of Hippo]

I have to go with the stupid american? Zuut alors, monsouir Louis must be joking! even if Macho moron wouldn't know the meaning of stealth if it beat him to death with a basebsll bat, is it really a good idea to pair him with me? I'll end up having to babysit him!

and putting Bull and Bear on the sneaky team? those two couldn't trusted to be quiet for ten seconds! what if the natives have syrup? what if someone sets Bull's temper off?

(puts head into hands) oh, mon dieu. There's going to be a disaster, and I'm going to have to clean it up!

Re: [Destination: House of Hippo]

Good idea! we don't need a layabout like you anyways.
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