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chocobarman in wvba_lockerroom

Hippo Island Invasion [Closed]

((OOC: The mayhem starts at 12!  That's in 2 hours, Mac Baby! A post will appear for arrivals at the airport, and we'll go from there. Everyone will be split into 3 teams, one thread for each team. We'll coordinate over AIM as needed! Fight like a weasel!))


[He's the van man]

*The Referee stares at the assembled boxers, annoyed look on his face.*

This is a stupid plan, and I hate being here. The WVBA is not in the business of regime changes or spreading democracy. We're a Boxing league. But, Doc Louis has once again talked you into a stupid plan, and has once again talked me into delivering your equipemnt and instructions because I owe him a favor, and he forgot to plan this far ahead.

Your ride is a van in the lot. Your driver is a sympathetic local. I have instructed him to hold up a sign that fits your descriptions. He will take you as far as is safe. As for the rest of you who haven't shown up, we've got a few more locals and vans sympathetic to your cause. They'll help the others regroup.

*He kicks his carry-on luggage.* Your equipment is in here. Maps, headsets, rations, and assorted gear. I think Louis even backed breadcrumbs to leave a trail for the other. I swear, that guy is crazier than the rest of you.

If you'll excuse me, I have a flight to catch, and some antacid tablets to take.

*He stalks off, and you get the feeling he is very disappointed in all of you. The local driver is waiting outside, holding the sign (it is marked "Deranged People"), and behind him is a van for everyone to pile into.*

Re: [He's the van man]

Yeah, but we're Americans too, dude! At least some of us. *calls after him* And regime changes and spreadin' democracy all over the place is what we do best!

*grabs his luggage and grumbles, heading toward the fan* (Hope there'll be enough room for my massive muscles in here...don't wanna be crowded up next to that French creep.

Re: [He's the van man]

Toupee'd-And-Fedora'd Bull watches the referee stalk off, and shakes his head a bit, unamused.

"...of course he would have forced our referee into something like this. ...Ah, well."

The well-disguised Bull stands up, puts away his bottled water, and starts pulling his rolling case behind him as he heads out of the terminal, to the driver's van. ...On his way out, as he passes by Gabby Jay, he silently shoots the old Frenchman an annoyed look while continuing ahead.

Re: [He's the van man]

With a grunt, Hugger stands tall and adjusts his bag on his shoulder. He walks to the van and peers inside.

"Hope 'ere's enough room fer meh...ah well."

He climbs in and makes his way for the back, keeping to himself.

Re: [He's the van man]

*The Hippo Islander with the sign sends one of his cohorts to fetch Doc Louis's specially prepared equipment bag to the van. One of the headsets in the equipment bag begins chirping.*

Mac Baby, is that you? Is that you Mac? Hey, Mac Baby! Why aren't ya wearing your headset! Did I... did I send you down to the store for milk and not to Hippo Island?

...we got more vans, Mac Baby.

(OOC: Feel free to take equipment from the bag. Take headsets. Surely you won't regret the decision.)

Re: [He's the van man]

Huh? (turns to look at the group behind him. it is obivous from his actions that he had no idea that the boxers where even there.) Zuut alors! Where did you come from? What moron let a american come along? why are we getting into the van for deranged people and not into the van for glorious freedom fighters? hey, wait up!
(runs to van and jumps in. as he clambers over to the front, he makes a point of poking everyone out the way with his cane, stopping only to stare at Bull's disasterous topee.) Mon diu... it is like a train crash... I can hardly look away... (snaps out of it and continues onwards, settling in the corner of the van furthest away from Macho Man.) Where's that Whippersnapper, Aran? trust that idiot to abandon us! perhaps he died in plane crash... Non, that little fool is too lucky for that to happen...
(notices bag) haw! I won't be needing any of that! I have all I need right here! (Pulls out of bag some cheese, a bottle of wine, his medication, and a wastepaper basket which he wastes no time in putting over his head. he then wallops the driver with a cane.) Drive, you fool, before Aran gets here and we have to deal with him! There is the freedom of the common man at stake! drive! drive! DRIVE!

Re: [He's the van man]

*The driver is walloped, and hits the brakes hard to avoid crashing into a storefront. Everything in the van is knocked around, including the people not wearing seatbelts. And by people I meant just Gabby Jay. The driver is concerned.*

Could you not do that? What if I crashed into a storefront? We don't have medical emergency kits; your Doc Louis packed chocolate bars and gave instructions to apply directly to forehead.

Re: [He's the van man]

((paragraph breaks, man. Use them, make our lives easier :| ))

Re: [He's the van man]

(relising he had just helped Aran get on the van)
we were so close to losing him! this is all your fault! (attempts to attack driver, but is reseigned by native in passenger seat. he eventually calms down, and resorts to grumbling loudly.)
Aran, you insufferable boy, if you mess around with me, I'll whip you good!
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