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Doc Louis Closeup

chocobarman in wvba_lockerroom

Unofficial Hippo Island Clandestine Summer Vacation

Hey folks, I know we always don't see eye to eye, all of you and me. And I know some of you don't see eye to eye with that big lug Hippo all the time. Neither do I, for the most part; there's bad blood between us. But Hippo Island isn't the only one that needs our help; he needs it too.

This ain't the first time ol' Hippo's gone off the deep end. A couple years back, way way way back, I was still heavyweight champion. That was the last time Hippo went nuts, and I might be the last one to remember it. And it was a bad scene. Eight boxers went in to punch some sense into the guy...

...it was a mess. Hippo is not one to be crossed when he goes berserk like this. His guards are fiercely loyal to him, but everyone else on his island is in for some dark days. He's not the same Hippo we remember, either. He's one rough tough dude when he turns into a deranged megalomaniac.

We learned a lot from that mission. We learned that you've got to finish it quickly, or it's going to give you some problems. Five boxers ended up fleeing, three put up a hell of a fight, but were... captured for a while.

Thankfully, the traditions of Hippo Island are pretty strict, even when he goes postal. While fierce warriors, the Hippo Islanders have a prohibition against blades and bullets. That means they rely mostly on nets and brute strength. They also have rules against maiming, and basically anything longterm. That means we've got the upper hand here as far as skill goes. But they outnumber us like crazy.

Our first offensive didn't go so well. The three captives were treated very well, cleaned up a bit, and put into holding until they could be exiled back to the mainland. One though... didn't know better, thought he'd up the ante... didn't work out so well. Apparently the worst thing Hippo Island's guards will do to you is force-feed you nothing but chocolate for a week. The good news is there appear to be no long-term side effects. Not that I can tell, anyway...

We eventually took Hippo down on the "Second Round" invasion, as I call it. Knocked some sense into em, and he was back to normal. Real repentant and generally a good guy after that. I wonder what's got into him this time...

I talked with the ref, to see where the league stands on it, and they're taking a hands off approach this time. I got the impression they'll intervene if we get too far in over our heads. But we're on our own. Hippo Island, and King Hippo, they need our help. We can't back down.

We have to go back. Back to Hippo Island. I... I can't go, not in person. The aftermath involved a lot of treaties and logistics, and Hippo and I have never really been on good terms since, price of telegraph poles and all. But I can't let him go crazy like this. That's where you come in.

As many boxers want to volunteer for this, we can handle. We'll break into two to three teams and confuse the enemy before we head to the throne room and make Hippo see reason. With our fists. I'll be coordinating the entire thing over radio, my maps and memories of Hippo Island should still come in handy.

Next Thursday, the 20th, at Noon EST, we're going to liberate Hippo Island. We need every boxer we can get. Who's in?

((OOC: If enough people have issues with the time we can have it moved.))


... Force feeding chocolate?

... Odd.

Regardless, I have already bought a plane ticket. I will be there to assist any way I can.
Wait what!? Mr. Hippo's gone off his rocker!? Jeeze, well looks like I'll have to lend a hand. Sorry Sandman, seems our fight will have to be delayed until AFTER this is done and over with.
Hoo hoo hoo! This is a serious matter, but I'm giddy with anticipation!
What? A chance to punch rolaty in the- I mean, liberate some poor fellow commoners overuled by a evil monarch?
Okay then, looks like we got ourselves enough for maybe two teams. One team for causin' a ruckus (I'm thinking maybe Aran Ryan, Gabby Jay, anyone else incapable of writin' without using exclamation marks) and a team for sneakin' in and disabling Hippo Island's defenses (Kagero, Hondo, anyone else incapable of writin' using exclamation marks). I'll fill in the rest of the teams as needed.

Keep in mind there's gonna be a couple of you, and a whole lot of them. Just keep throwin' the punches and I'm sure we'll make it out of this okay.

I'll assemble our game plan over the coming days. But I got no idea what to expect once both teams hit the Throne Room.
i am worry for hippo i hope he listens to your reason
sadly i am unable to go with you all my injuries are not allowing me to leave bed good luck

((OOC: I work 9~5, and I usually don't get online till after 8PM most nights, so count me out. The event might be over by then! But I can't wait to see what you guys do!))
Nothing but chocolate, eh, Doc? I certainly cannot say I am surprised to hear that they did that to someone. Huhuha!

Well, if you need my help, I will lend a hand - or a fist, as it were.

((OOC: I'll be around when the event starts, but I'll be leaving for something at around 7 PM CST. I hope that isn't a problem! ))


I wish I knew whut teh say, righ'now. Part'a me wants teh jess stay out of the whole kit'n'caboodle, stay a neutral sorta state, yeh'know? I don' feel too confident gettin' involved inteh these sortsa scuffles. I prefer teh keep th' peace.

But...somethin' tells me I need teh be there. Hippo's my friend. We bonded, las' time we had a li'l spat. We connected. We're kindred spirits, he an' me. An' maybe, if it's as serious as yeh say, Doc...maybe he's gonna really need a whack back t'his senses. An' I think if anyone's gonna go fer it, that anyone oughta be me.

As worried as I am about this whole thing, Doc...count me in.
Hey, don't forget me, dudes! Heh, sorry if it's short notice...I didn't know if the other comment was gonna count or not.

So we're doin' this in teams, huh? Put me on the bruiser team, man! Team Exclamation Point!
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