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pop'n music 11 - Yima

madamluna in wvba_lockerroom

[REMATCH] From Russia With Rage Pt. 2: Super Macho Man vs. Soda Popinski!

It was only last week that Super Macho Man suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Soda Popinski! Talk about a nuclear reaction--he's been training harder than ever and has declared a rematch against the Russian rumbler! Popinski's riding high on the adoration of the crowd, but you know Macho's not going to quit until he wins it all back! Tune in at 9:30PM EST for the explosive rematch between the Blue Crush and the Red Cyclone! (Hey, are we allowed to say "Red Cyclone?" Is that trademarked?)

releasethebogus vs. drunkpop
Ranking: World Circuit #1 ♦ World Circuit #3
Record: 35-2 (29 KO) ♦ 35-2 (25 KO)
Height: 6'4" ♦ 6'6"
Weight: 242 lbs ♦ 237 lbs
Age: "27" ♦ 35
From: Hollywood, California, United States ♦ Moscow, Russia


*King Hippo has been witnessing the fight from the loading area in back, the only place he can be comfortably seated. But now he approaches ringside, to speak with Super Macho Man.*

Omp Gomp. Gom Bromont. Urgromponomt!

*He stares at Macho Man questioningly. He pauses, and realizes he forgot to bring his interpreter. The hastily scrawled note he gives Macho reads as follows:*

"Sez victor from fladder of Oppoponax. BE Aggregarious."

*He looks at the packed crowds, hoping his interpreter is nearby.*
Uh...you tryin' to tell me somethin', dude? *glances at the note* Ohhh, I get it. Be aggressive, right? *grins, punches the air a couple times* No need to worry about that, Hippo! I got this fight all locked up. I'll tank this twerp like a sack of kittens...because I never lose!
*King Hippo nods, but then stops and looks horrified.*


*He shakes a fist angrily, shakes his head sadly, and goes to sit back down. An exact translation is not forthcoming it seems, but he's conveyed the idea that he's not going to root for a kitten puncher. You monster. He's probably going back to his seat to make a generous donation to the ASPCA.*
World Circuit

August 2009

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