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pop'n music 11 - Yima

madamluna in wvba_lockerroom

[REMATCH] From Russia With Rage Pt. 2: Super Macho Man vs. Soda Popinski!

It was only last week that Super Macho Man suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Soda Popinski! Talk about a nuclear reaction--he's been training harder than ever and has declared a rematch against the Russian rumbler! Popinski's riding high on the adoration of the crowd, but you know Macho's not going to quit until he wins it all back! Tune in at 9:30PM EST for the explosive rematch between the Blue Crush and the Red Cyclone! (Hey, are we allowed to say "Red Cyclone?" Is that trademarked?)

releasethebogus vs. drunkpop
Ranking: World Circuit #1 ♦ World Circuit #3
Record: 35-2 (29 KO) ♦ 35-2 (25 KO)
Height: 6'4" ♦ 6'6"
Weight: 242 lbs ♦ 237 lbs
Age: "27" ♦ 35
From: Hollywood, California, United States ♦ Moscow, Russia


*Watches the fuming Super Macho Man try and aim straight, he blocks the first two jabs easily. The third, not so much.*


*His large frame juts back, shakes the ring, Soda laughs to himself and takes a step back*

I am feeling a bit thirsty my friend!

*He starts to drink the fake!Glowing Drink - and isn't disturbed! He gleefully downs the beverage in a fell swoop.* Ahh! yes exactly what I - I... I... i...

*There is a deep squeaming billowing noise, one unlike Soda has ever felt or heard, and it was coming from inside him! A hot red flushes his face and his heartbeat increases.* (T-t-this has not happened b-before... w-w-what the...) *His eyes, now bloodshot and intense. Soda see's better, percieves better, feels stronger!!!*

HAHAHAHA! Now, SUPER MACHO MAN! YOU WILL FEEL THE WRATH THAT COMES FROM THE COLD ICY HEAVENS, feel, deeply, for Marzanna will coup her loses and reclaim her frozen throne!

*He punches, almost leaps, the attacks fast and strong - maybe this drink was a bad idea after all...*
World Circuit

August 2009

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