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Endless Summer - dream city

madamluna in wvba_lockerroom

[EVENT PLANNING] It's carnival season!

Happy August, everyone! I hope you guys are in the mood for thrills, chills and funnel cake, because the carnival's coming to town from Friday, August 21-Sunday, August 23rd! Unfortunately, the economy affects everyone, even carnies. So it's going to be short a few people and we're going to need volunteers to step up and offer their services!

All the positions are closed! Here's who's doing what:

If you're interested, leave a comment! The carnival's going to have quite a few more attractions, but you'll just have to wait until the 21st to see all of them!


((OOC: I'll be in Canada during this event, but I'll be at a friend's house with net access so I should still be able to make an appearance. But I won't sign my characters up as carnies just to be safe, tempting though it may be for Sandman to sabotage work at the carnival.))
be there anything involving cold places i cannot stand in sunshade too much during the daytime i blister bad

i am tempted for the dunk tank but i think not i can't swim
Hmm...Aran Ryan operating a roller coaster? I don't see any problem here! I'll put you down for it.
I might want a go at the Tilt-A-Whirl - giving that my attendence might allow...

you know, mit Mutti und... stuff.

((OOC:I *REALLY* want to have Von Kaiser do the Tilt-A-Whirl, but the date is so far ahead and I have no clue how my schedule will be like, but put me down for it otherwise. Posts might be scant, but I'll try to post as much as I can!))
((Sure thing! It's three nights long, so hopefully he can put in an appearance or two :D If we need anyone else to help out with it we can probably rustle someone up!))

(Translator's Note: Hippo Island tradition dictates King Hippo's presence at the dunk tank. Very old tradition, dictated by the Lava Gods themselves, especially Hurglorak the Mean Spirited. King Hippo himself has only distaste for the activity, and would happily abdicate his position in the dunk tank in favor of managing Hippo Island's food dispensal services.

But tradition requires him to ask to be in the dunk tank. Some days I wonder if I will ever understand the Hippo Islanders.)
All right, your majesty...well, if something happens then I guess we can always call up drunkpop and let him know there's an opening.
My my, how interesting! Reminds me of the festivals we have back home. Only they were not as life-threatening.

I would like to operate the food stand, I promise my grilled eel is to die for!

((Haha, oh there would be many laughs with Piston as the food stand operator, mind if he gives it a whirl?))
((Not at all! Added him to the OP :D Mmm, eel...♥))
Carnivals?! I love carnivals!!

I would volunteer, but I really want to have fun over there!! DDD:
The midway barker's gonna needa loud, powerful voice, ain'e? I suppose I coul' len' my deep vocals to the task, eh? Sign me up!
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