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chocobarman in wvba_lockerroom

Hippo Island Invasion [Closed]

((OOC: The mayhem starts at 12!  That's in 2 hours, Mac Baby! A post will appear for arrivals at the airport, and we'll go from there. Everyone will be split into 3 teams, one thread for each team. We'll coordinate over AIM as needed! Fight like a weasel!))


[Team C]

*After arrival, the teams split up. Outside in the valley, there's a shrouded path towards the underground enterance of House of Hippo. It is circular and made of metal. It leads to the sewers, the third and most terrifying entrance.*

*Doc Louis' ever constant voice beams in from the headsets.* "Alright Team C, there's the the sewer entrance. Get in there and... uhh... punch some Hippos. The sewers are a labyrinth of... everything King Hippo's eaten in the last couple years that he couldn't digest. Try to find a way into the throne room, there should be a bathroom not to far from it so you might have a chance at breaking in. We haven't tried this before. There probably aren't any guards, unless they have no sense of smell. You have fun with that."

Re: [Team C]

(points and laughs at Aran)
Oui, good luck with that, Aran! enjoy your time in the sewer, where you belong! (luaghs some more)

Re: [Location: Sewers]

You are in a filthy sewer. There is mold here. A smelly chill passes through the air. Dripping water is heard from all directions.

Exits: U, N, S, E, W
Inventory: Flashlight, Chocolate, Horseshoe, Miscellany


Re: [Location: Sewers]

The rats pursue from the west. Side tunnels lead off in different directions, but they're being passed at a fairly good clip. Up ahead on the right is a ladder, leading who-knows-where. It leads away from the rats, at the very least. It is very damp here, and the rats are picking up speed as more of them join the pack. There may be more ladders further east. Progress towards the west is blocked, and not advisable.
Exits: U, E, W
Inventory: Flashlight, Chocolate, Miscellany, Regret


Re: [Location: Sewers]

You are in a royal janitor's closet. There is a mop here. There is a bucket here. The lights are on, thanks to a switch. There is a door here, leading south. A flickering glow appears from the space under the door. There is an open grate here, leading down.
Exits: D, S
Inventory: Flashlight, Chocolate, Miscellany, Regret, Pain

Re: [Location: Sewers]


Re: [Location: Royal Janitor's Closet]

Armed to the gills with full janitor combat gear, you burst through the door, ready to take all challengers.

You are confronted with an empty room. Inscrutable tapestries featuring formless, terrifying entities adorn the stone walls. There is a large incense brazier in the middle of the room, lit. There is some incense, unlit, in a container next to the brazier, as well as a very large cushion on the stonework floor. The room appears to be entirely stonework, Basalt. There is a large closed door to the east; it appears locked, and no key is in sight.

The incense and burner seem to beckon, oddly. Something decidedly unnatural about them. Or perhaps too natural.

Exits: S, E
Inventory: Flashlight, Chocolate, Miscellany, Mop, Bucket, Regret, Pain


Re: [Location: Ornamental Room]

The door is still, as expected, Locked. A grim haze begins to fill the room, as generations of cultural heritage go up in smoke. The stone doesn't appear to be catching fire, but the room is quickly filling up with smoke. No signs of fire, other than the tapestries, just smoke. It is grey and hazy, but doesn't seem to be the choking kind.

It is impossible to see clearly. You are in a smoky room, near a locked door. The torches in the wall only add to the eerie effect. From the far wall, something appears to move.

There is a Something here. You hear a noise.

Exits: S, E
Inventory: Flashlight, Chocolate, Miscellany, Bucket, Incense, Regret, Pain


Re: [Location: Smoke-Filled Ornamental Room]

You charge at the figure, stopping short; in your smoke haze delirium you fancy that the figure looks vaguely like the tapestries. It's official: Smoke inhalation has made you crazy. Er. It's probably the Janitor, or the fire marshal. Which would account for the giant, vaguely humanoid form with eyes that seem to glow. Probably reflections from the fire. What fire? The one you started? Things are getting hazy. It's starting to get difficult to breathe.

The Something speaks perfect English.

"Hey? What are you doing in here? What happened to the tapestries? Man, I liked those. Effort went into those. What the heck is going on? I haven't heard anything from Hippo in weeks."

*The smoke is really beginning to sting your eyes. You hear faint laughter in the distance. You must find the key and escape.*

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