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pop'n music 11 - Yima

madamluna in wvba_lockerroom

[REMATCH] From Russia With Rage Pt. 2: Super Macho Man vs. Soda Popinski!

It was only last week that Super Macho Man suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Soda Popinski! Talk about a nuclear reaction--he's been training harder than ever and has declared a rematch against the Russian rumbler! Popinski's riding high on the adoration of the crowd, but you know Macho's not going to quit until he wins it all back! Tune in at 9:30PM EST for the explosive rematch between the Blue Crush and the Red Cyclone! (Hey, are we allowed to say "Red Cyclone?" Is that trademarked?)

releasethebogus vs. drunkpop
Ranking: World Circuit #1 ♦ World Circuit #3
Record: 35-2 (29 KO) ♦ 35-2 (25 KO)
Height: 6'4" ♦ 6'6"
Weight: 242 lbs ♦ 237 lbs
Age: "27" ♦ 35
From: Hollywood, California, United States ♦ Moscow, Russia


*rummaging around in Popinski's locker before the bout, switching out some of the bottles in his soda case*

(Heh heh...dude won't even know what hit him! This'll teach him for drinkin' during the fight...if he's gonna cheat, I'm just gonna cheat back! Phew, lugging around all this regular, non-nuclear Fanta's a drag...)

*hears a door slam and, spooked, runs back over to his locker and hides about four or five of Popinski's bottles in there*

Aw man, I guess the fight's gonna start any minute...well, that'll give him a kick! Heh heh...*grins as he throws a towel around his neck, locks his locker and walks out to the ring* This is gonna be great!
[Retcon: it's Red Bull now, just trust me on this one]
World Circuit

August 2009

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